We all want our vehicles to have a clean appearance, free of scratches, dents, and chips in the paint. Of course, we also realize that daily driving has its own set of hazards out there, such as rocks and small debris thrown around on the highway, and even hail of various sizes and weight. This will cause minor chips in the paint finish, and even some small dents could appear as well.

Most of us tend to “let this go”, but when it comes to preserving the finish of your vehicle it is important to have the surface sealed from the elements. Most of us would also be surprised to know that small paint chips and even hail dents can be repaired for a fraction of the usual collision repair and refinish cost. Using quality products, and special tools and techniques, these minor imperfections can be inexpensively repaired bringing your vehicle’s finish back to a “showroom” shine!

Don’t let rust and other contaminants damage your finish! The next time you notice hail damage, or several chips in your finish, bring your vehicle in for a quick look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result!

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