Common Auto Body Damage

July 11, 2022, 9:36 am

For most people, a car is a second-largest purchase after their home. You will want to keep your car in top shape as it is a huge investment with many benefits. Unfortunately, no matter how much you take care of your car, your car will suffer physical damage.

Common types of bodywork damage include paint scratches, collision damage, dings and dents, weather damage, windshield damage, and rear-end damage. Minor or major damage to your body affects the overall look of your car.


Your car body can sustain damage in all seasons due to elements. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in the Summer can cause the paint job to fade and the tires to crack. In the Spring, tree sap, pollen, bird, and bug droppings can release acids to corrode your car paint. In the Fall, strong winds carrying sands and debris or falling tree branches can cause chipped paint, dents, and windshield damage.


Both major and fender bender crashes cause auto body damage to varying extents. In major collisions, severe damage is likely to result. The damage includes a shattered windshield, broken frames, missing components, inoperable steering, failed engine, and more. In such cases, your car will need towing to an auto body shop for repair.


Runaway shopping carts, baseball, or slamming the door into the vehicle parked in the next stall can cause dents and damage the paint job. Such damage occurs due to carelessness, and with extra care, you can avoid the damage.

Road Debris

When driving on gravel roads, roads with potholes, or roads under construction, serious damage can result to your vehicle's body due to hard debris such as pebbles and rocks. The debris can damage the paint job by denting or scratching. Also, your windshield can chip or crack if a rock or pebble hits your car.

By staying away from such roads, you can avoid hard road debris. If you cannot avoid these situations, drive at low speed to prevent debris from flying and hitting the car.

To maintain the appearance and safety of your vehicle, you must take your car to a professional auto body shop.

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